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Happy Halloween

Posted on Oct 31 by

Happy Halloween everyone! First off we would like to take this opportunity to publicly announce, for the first time ever, our Executive Producers for Stage V, Jerome Serot and...


Special Announcement Tomorrow

Posted on Oct 30 by

We have a very exciting announcement coming tomorrow. Be sure to check back here as well as Perla



Posted on Oct 4 by

Machina Cinema will be attending the 2015 American Film Market next month with Stage V. Meetings are currently being set with distributors and we are packing up to head to...


Scoring has begun

Posted on Sep 20 by

And now we score. Hopefully some of you know that besides being a story teller (filmmaker) I am a musician. I love music. And i believe that music is a HUGE part of filmmaking....


Post Continues

Posted on Sep 15 by

We have reached a picture lock and are excited to begin the next steps of post-production. The edit is now being sent for Score, Audio and Visual FX. Can’t wait for everyone to...


More post

Posted on Sep 1 by

I’ve seen my fair share of movies. I don’t know maybe around 250 or so which I guess when I type it that doesn’t seem like that many and believe me there are...