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Posted on Apr 19 by

So, I just noticed that I hadn’t posted in here in almost a month, well 20 days but that’s a long time in the social media world. We’ve been pretty busy over at...


The new Stage V Trailer is here.

Posted on Apr 1 by

So as of this posts we haven’t even uploaded the trailer to our website or this website but the new trailer is up on our Facebook page so go check it...


Til 4AM

Posted on Mar 14 by

So I made the final push in the trailer edit for Stage V this past Saturday. I spent the whole day working in After Effects and then I spent Sunday putting together the trailer....


A productive Wednesday

Posted on Mar 10 by

Yesterday Perla and I had the pleasure of experencing a very productive day. Now we wont go into detail about the days events but we did have an 11am meeting and networking...


New friends

Posted on Mar 3 by

Our team had an awesome time at the Spurs game last night. We were hosted by Nikki McNish in the SWBC suite and we would like to thank Nikki, Shauna and San Antonio Works so much...



Posted on Feb 26 by

So it really is great to see a film come together. I forgot who said it but a movie is made three times. When you write it, when you film it and when you edit it. I was fortunate...